4 Custom Tracksuit Styles for Style with Comfort!

Tracksuits have long been one of the main sporting gears that people have owned for the last few decades. The reasons behind them are very simple. Tracksuits are very protective; they keep the heat outside, absorb the sweat, and fare well in almost all kinds of outdoor activities.

However, these active wear have always been known to be monotonous and most find them in the same designs that they bought half a decade ago. As a retailer, don’t you think you should help more variety to penetrate this market? To help you with this, this blog will list the new and better looking custom tracksuit that will not only go for comfort, but also keep style on the list of high priority!

1. Sublimation Tracksuits

Sublimation designs on tracksuits have been picking up quite the momentum right now, with more and more fitness clothing manufacturers opting for sublimation dye designs. The good thing about this trend is that it is completely different from the track suit pictures that we have been fed for so long. It has plenty of colors and comes in different designs. The top manufacturers have also started 3D design on these tracksuits to make the geeks go wow when they see it. With development like this happening in the arena, why go for the same old?

2. Fluorescent Tracksuits

Gone are the days of teal, black, blue, and grey. Fluorescent colors bring plenty of life to the otherwise dull look of tracksuits. These are the head turners on the jogger’s park and when worn with sufficient swagger can really make men and women swoon. It is all a matter of what kind of shoes they pair with! If that goes well, there remains very little chance of doing wrong to the track suit. Buyers could find this anywhere, but as far as retailers are concerned, this is a must have style. One can even pair it with a plain white tee inside, leave the jacket unzipped, wear a wayfarer with the fedora of choice and carry the perfect day look.

3. Velvet Tracksuits

More of a celebrity wear than what you are used to seeing on the streets, it is one that is definitely a class apart from the rest. The glossy brand stripes embroidery with brand printed on the chest, many A-listers have really gone crazy with the look. Mostly looking good with the plain white sneakers, or shiny silver or gold sneakers (if you feel like going absolutely bling), it has been worn with gold chains and sunglasses that would make anyone feel poor. The colors depend on the choice, but violet and red seem to be very popular, keeping company to the classic black and pearly white tracksuits. If you have this stacked in your shop, you are definitely going for the right things in life.

4. Fitted Tracksuits

The fitted track suit could come in any of the above trends, but it does deserve a place of its own on the list. Instead of going for the tracksuit trousers that don’t fit well at, it combines well designed and matching sports joggers. The jackets come in a slimmer fit and this one reduces air drag, making it quite the option for long distance running among other things.

After studying all the 4 styles and how it makes the track suit interesting, it is definitely something to pursue. Ditch your old track suit collections now and find a private label fitness apparel manufacturer that has all of them in production.