3 Rules to Remember when Tonal Dressing Athletic Wear

When it comes to dressing for the gym, most of us prefer to keep it simple. Some of us are not fans of quirky patterns. Single shade represented on the apparels is something that most of us like and prefer. In fashion terms, it is called tonal dressing. But just slipping into same textured clothes can’t be categorized as tonal dressing. There are certain rules which are to be attained in order to pull it off with ease and ample of panache.

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Want to know more about the rules? Then read on as they are summarized as given below.

One Bold Shade at One Time

When opting for tonal dressing, remember that the idea is to go easy and look effortless. Thus, one bold and bright color that will stand out is what you should be looking for. Either the top or the pants, pick any one showcasing a soothing shade. For instance, navy can be a great choice as it has a minimalistic approach. You can experiment with the wide spectrum of the shade of blue for a crisp guise.

A Neutral Color to Balance

While bright shades work well and look all fun to wear, but it can be very unnerving. Thus, a neutral hue will act as your go-to shade. So contrasting the apparels to create a perfect illusion can further elevate your silhouette and bring balance to your entire outfit. White can be a great pick for achieving tonal equilibrium.

Subtlety is the Key to feat

You are going to the gym, not for a fashion show! Hence, please remember to keep you’re the palette of your clothes basic and simple. Going over the top is not going to get you anywhere. Subtle and sober clothes will keep you looking elegant even when you are sweating it out during the workout session.

Thus, go tonal dressing this summer when working out and get all the gaze and praise. Athletic wholesale apparel is available with reputed manufacturers and can be purchased by retailers. Bulk purchase can secure massive discounts as well.