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Fitness Clothing Business: The Torchbearer Of The Fitness Fashion Industry

To understand the fitness clothing industry, it is important to understand the different aspects well. Here is a detailed analysis of the same. A brief introduction There is no doubting the fact that the fitness clothing industry has grown significantly over the last few years specificall...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : November 4, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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3 Manufacturing Trends Of The Fitness Industry That Will Change The Game in 2018

The world has shifted into a digital make piece. The transition can be witnessed in all aspects of life; however, the fitness industry seems to be integrating it the most. From the technology that can be worn during the workout regime to the blessing of the virtual reality, there are much of the tre...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : October 27, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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A Comprehensive Guide To Up The Layering Game With T-Shirts in Winter

As opposed to many opinions that exist, layering is an art. To put it very simply, it is the art of putting consecutive strata of clothes that could also stand individually. While most of us think that it is an exquisite form of art achievable only by the fashionistas and sartorially advanced men, a...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : October 20, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Trend Forecast for Wholesale Activewear That You Must Know for Winter

Summer is over and you have to move on from the sports bras and shorts. Time to spruce up your fashion game for the winter season in the most hip and happening, comfortable activewear pieces! Just like any other style trend, the activewear fashion must also change season wise for everyone, and hence...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : October 14, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Fashion Forward Custom Fitness Jackets to have in your Closet

The fitness classes these days are incomplete without cladding yourself in the most unique activewear items. The men and women are highly fitness conscious these days and regard carrying the most amazing silhouettes to the gym sessions and yoga classes for both comfort and style. Recently, the leadi...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : October 7, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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Smart Fitness Clothing Market is Growing (But People Don’t Care About It)

While what once was something fancy and ideal only for elites, smart fitness clothing is significantly rising in popularity. In the past two years, in particular, its market growth has been tremendous, thanks to the endorsements from top athletes and celebrities. According to a report, smart ...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : September 30, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Rising Trend Of Smart Fitness Clothing – Should You Wholesale It?

Weeks back Apple launched its latest iPhone X that took ‘Smart’ in ‘Smartphone’ to a whole different level. But it’s not the only company that’s taking leaps to future. Other brands of other industries too are striding fast to transform the world into a smart being. Apparel industry is a...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : September 23, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Australian Wholesale Activewear Market has seen the Best Trends this Year

Just like the other countries, Australia has also witnessed a sudden rise in the fitness clothing arena, with more people getting inclined towards the sporty style statements that promise comfort and smartness. The activewear market has been rising with great figures, and this has brought in some of...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : September 18, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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Dancewear is Becoming a Blooming Industry According to The Research Reports

With fitness becoming an increasing trend and habit for fitness-crazy souls, there are also some forms of fitness wear that are creating a lot of buzz. The people who are not interested to take up the boring gym or yoga classes, are taking up dance and aerobics as the best ways to get the most desir...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : September 11, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Trends of Activewear Market Growth that the World of Fashion is Majorly Witnessing

It seems that the athleisure bubble won’t burst anytime soon and the fitness clothing market is rising to greater heights. The sudden upsurge of the athletic style trends has been possible due to the growth of people getting more fitness and health conscious with time. While athleisure's demand co...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : August 25, 2017 Comments : 1 Comment
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