What You Should Wear for Pilates?

With the popularity surge of this transformative workout, Pilates has made its way to the limelight. From individual celebrity Pilate journeys to more advanced Pilate stunts, this form of exercise has taken the social media and health influencing platforms by storm. In fact, the Pilate body image has been much in vogue on social media acting as a strong mental medicine and propelling the mind-body fitness goals.

Taking a step back: Have you wondered where it all began? Well, a little fun fact, Pilates inception was back in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates who focused on the principles of control, precision, and balance. This form of exercise thus was all about these basics.  Regardless of age or gender, this form of mind-body balance workout is for everyone. In recent times, Pilates as a workout form has gained traction and has reached a peak of popularity.

What should be the right Pilates wear?

As a low-impact workout, this form includes a lot of bending and stretching. Therefore, the outfit that you choose matters a lot. The fabric should not only be stretchable but also have breathable material. Stick to the right clothing and that which provides you ultimate comfort and allows ultimate flexibility. So, if you are ready for your Pilates plight, then here’s a list of clothing pieces that you can try out.


Pilates for him (what to wear?)

  1. Comfy in compression pants– These pants are great for workouts like Pilates as they help overcome the sore or inflamed areas that occur post-workout. As these pants target specific muscle groups. For men compression pants are the best fits as they provide the support for those advanced Pilates. You could pair headbands or hand gears with these compression pants.
  1. Stylish hues of the hoodies– For a cozy snug fit upper wear men could go with hoodies as well. These hoodies act as a perfect protecting layer as well as creating a layer to add that extra heat and catalyze sweating and this calorie loss due to intense heat production. Sleeveless cotton hoodies can be the perfect one! A solid black hoodie can be a no-brainer style that hits hard and right too.
  1. Smooth sailing in the slim-fit shirts– Go for moisture-wicking slim-fit shirts. They will help to breathe and work out in comfort. The shirts are the best blends of style and comfort for men’s wear. Round or crew neck shirts can be your option. For workouts go for light colors if you are picking up shirts as your upper wear so that you can pair solids as your lowers and look very stylish.

Pilates for her (what to wear?)

  1. Stylish sports bra– You can spot many Hollywood celebrities sporting the yoga or the sports bra Pilate look. The sports bra provides the exact comfort required and also provides room to freely focus on the workout. You could choose encapsulation bras or the racerback or maybe the pullover bras and there’s plenty to get you spoilt for a choice.
  1. Sensuous mesh leggings– Sensuous yet body hugging these snug-fit activewear are really a great pick when it comes to your Pilate outfits. Mesh leggings are available in various shades so you can choose according to your style mood. Go for high-waist mesh leggings for better support and flexibility so that you can move with ease.
  1. Cool tank tops– The athletic tank tops can be perfect for your Pilate class. These are for women who like it less revealing yet prefer comfort. From basic to backless tank tops there are various types and you can wear them according to your comfort preference. The double-layer tank tops are very much in these days though!

A sneak peek into the Pilates fitness accessories:

These are a part of the entire Pilates ensemble and essentials to complete the look and function too so let’s take a quick look:

  • Smart it up with grippy socks– Socks are super important when it comes to Pilates and more so if they have a strong griping sole. These socks are non-slippery and will provide added traction and stability so that you can perform the stretches effortlessly. These socks usually come in grey black or white colors.
  • Headbands or strands– For Pilates, you don’t want those locks to be the little fluttery hindrance so better you free yourself from those distractions. Tie your hair or use strands and headbands. These could match your attire to be a part of both fashion and function. Headbands can be worn by men as well so this unisex accessory can be on your accessory list.
  • Resistance bands- These bands will provide grip for strength training and will also soak in the sweat in your hand. You could make these bands a part of your workout style as well by color-coordinating them with your outfit.

Here are some shopping tips for your Pilate workouts

  • When investing in Pilate outfits it’s better to invest in a quality product because durability matters.
  • Go for online brands or products as you can avail discounts and save on Pilate outfits.
  • Avoid clothes that are baggy instead go for stretchy clothes that have a snug fit.
  • The right shoes can make a lot of difference so if you are going for shoes then make sure the fit is tight yet comfortable and the front portion has soft soles so that the shoes provide that support.

Celebs all over Instagram are showing off their Pilate styles like the racer backs or the playsuit look or the ones mentioned above and it’s time you should onboard this fitness journey too. Pilates can really work wonders for your health and overall mind and body. Working out with the right outfit helps you to achieve your workout goals better. So, what’s the wait all about? Choose the perfect Pilate wear for yourself that will make your body feel good and look like the limited edition you deserve to be!