Things To Take a Note Of When Purchasing Best Athletic Shorts Wholesale

Athletic shorts are best clothing investment you can ever make. It will be one of the best purchases especially for the spring/summer months. But with so many varieties available in the market, it sometimes becomes quite hard to pick the right one. Whether you are a retailer in need of the comfy, trendy and functional wholesale athletic shorts to add a dash of vibrancy to your store’s stock or a fitness freak in need of revamping your shorts collection, this blog will be worth glancing through!


Athletic shorts can be used in several occasions be it for yoga, jogging, marathons, gym, hiking, running as well as dancing. So cool pairs are worth the investment!

Properly stitched inner liner

An important aspect in the making of shorts is the inner liner which helps in providing extra comfort. Though it is available in women’s shorts, nowadays men’s shorts are also coming up with the same concept so as to provide extra comfort. The manufacturers are paying heed to the minute details that make Gen-Y happy and are churning out pieces in tune with their preferences.

Different shapes for specific body types

Athletic shorts come in different styles for both men and women catering to the diverse body types. So whether your are skinny, full-figured or of a petite frame and no matter what is your body type- the happening shorts are here to appease you!

Fit and length

Shorts are available in both compressed as well as loose-fit variety. If you don’t want to show much skin, then longer ones will be suitable but if you want comfort and style then the small flowy ones are cool.

Proper Material

Ideally, the material should be a polyester and spandex blend to avoid chaffing as It can be quite painful, so checking the material before the purchase is really important.

Easily changeable

These shorts are especially helpful if you’re going straight to the gym after work. You can also wear it as inner-wear these are your go-to- attire!

Sweat proof

Accumulation of sweat in the wrong areas can be really embarrassing. So you can ensure and buy shorts made of such material that helps in the easy absorption of sweat and helps deter unnecessary germs.


Most of the athletic shorts come with pockets, consider it if storage option is primary for you. Zippered pockets are very much in as these help your items to be secure and don’t fall off while you’re doing your task.

Colors of your choice

Do you like plain or bright colors? The coolest pairs of shorts are available in range of designs and patterns in the market. Nowadays since fitness clothing has infused fashion trends in them you will find stylish shorts catering to the young, vibrant and the energetic brigade.


Make sure to buy shorts with a good waistband. The more wider and flat it is, the more comfortable to wear and carry out any activity in it- running, hard training or pacing things up on the track like marathon. It feels less pinchy around the waist and you also have the option of rolling it down and adjust the length.

Good quality wholesale athletic shorts are available with athletic clothing manufacturers if you want to purchase them for your store, just go ahead and find the best one. You can stock up your gym wear department with these shorts and it will be an instant favourite of your customers.