Popularity of Mesh Shorts as Workout Staple and Casual Spring Wear

Eye-soothing, well-fitted, and easy to wear, the mesh shorts are simply the best. As athletic as running shorts, they are like the better version of the classic basketball shorts. This shorts offer the ultimate comfort and maximum airflow. And, with their breathable design, they go great with the spring or warm-weather workouts.

Sexier than your average pair of shorts, the fabric clings to your body in all the right areas, helping you to flaunt your assets as you lift some weight or engage in squats or push-ups. The material being lightweight, you won’t feel it on your body and the breathable nature will keep you dry, cool, and comfortable in even the most intense workout sessions. These shorts make you feel comfortable and if you wish you can also use them for lounging, running errands, playing ball, or traveling.

What more? Mesh shorts are available in various shades, prints, cuts, and sizes. So, you can choose the ones based on your taste and preferences.

What are mesh shorts?

Mesh shorts are the lightest pair of workout shorts that you will fall in love with. Often crafted out of polyester including a mesh material layer of netting inside the clothing piece by fitness apparel manufacturers, these shorts are highly functional.

They are extremely breathable which makes them the ideal styling option for the spring. Scoring high in fashion and comfort, they are not only great for the gym but for casual spring activities as well. Coming with a slight vintage flair and offering a relaxed fit, they work well for warm-weather styling and other sporty activities. They also offer plenty of coverage so that you can confidently wear them.

Men’s  and women’s mesh shorts look a bit different. While this  shorts for men tend to be a little longer and baggier, mesh shorts for women often tend to be smaller and skimpier. Women’s mesh shorts are very much like boy shorts.

These shorts are the ones for you if you are looking for a pair that will help you flaunt your best features. Being sheer, the material leaves little to the imagination and is exactly what you want when you are working out. Also, premium mesh shorts don’t ride up, making you adjust it every 5 seconds or so, and help you focus on your workout.

Trending mesh shorts

For men

  • Rainbow 

Best for men who like to sport a vibrant, funky look while working out, these shorts help to keep the wearer cool and dry throughout the training session. For a customized fit, they come with a drawcord waist. Soft and gentle on the skin, these shorts work great for different casual activities as well.

  • Fiery red 

The fiery red color is already trending in the fashion scene. Now imagine it on the mesh shorts. Wearing a hot pair of fiery red mesh shorts can help any guy looking to grab some eyeballs in the gym. When paired with a ribbed tank top, they give the ultimate desirable look to the wearer.

  • Floral print 

Versatile, comfortable, and extremely breathable, these floral print mesh shorts are perfect for any man wishing to look ultra-stylish and needing the best support during an exercise session. Designed to withstand the test of time, they remain as it is even after multiple washes. And if you are thinking about the floral motifs for me- well, the big blooms or the mini floral designs are a big hit with the suave brigade too!

For women

  • Olive green 

Crafted for bold, workout-loving women, these shorts offer a versatile and comfortable fit for any kind of workout activity. Blending a boyfriend fit with a classy design, such shorts help get a relaxed yet flattering appearance. They offer a soft, 4-way stretch and exceptional breathability which makes them perfect for both intense workout sessions and casual activities.

  • Paisley-print 

These paisley-print mesh shorts, easily pull double duty as workout shorts and streetwear shorts, ranking high in both style and practicality. Displaying a unique paisley pattern, they add an innovative touch to any health-conscious lady’s workout wardrobe. Offering maximum ventilation for hard training, the inseam allows unrestricted movement.

  • Brushstroke 

Carefully designed for the modern athlete, the brushstroke mesh shorts ensure supreme comfort and breathability. Decked up by the currently trending brushstroke pattern, they help redefine fashion in a fitness ensemble. Highly versatile, they are as good as streetwear as they are as workout shorts.

Styling men’s

Styling mesh shorts for men is easy. They go great with a wide variety of athleisure staples such as hoodies, basic tees, muscle shirts, etc. Men who are already obsessed with mesh shorts often claim that they look the best with a sweatshirt. If you want to get a complementary, dignified appearance, go for earthy tones.

When you get a sweatshirt from a famed fitness wear manufacturer, you are assured of premium quality. Partnering your shorts with such a sweatshirt, don’t forget to add a men’s crossbody bag to the mix as they match perfectly with the active, on-the-go vibes of the mesh shorts. To complete your look, don’t forget a simple backward-facing baseball cap and a nice pair of athletic sneakers.

Styling women’s 


For some, putting an ensemble together with women’s mesh shorts feels tricky and if you too fall on this list, don’t worry, it’s not too hard. When it comes to mesh shorts for ladies, it’s essential to balance out your look here. Your top needs to complement your shorts, so reach for a similar hue or color. It will help your attire look more graceful and streamlined. A baggy, boxy tank or a workout shirt is a fabulous option for a top. As for the footwear, gym sneakers will complete your look.

Perfect for your workout routine and other activities in the spring or warmer months, mesh shorts are just the best. They can help you achieve a great look with the right styling. Above all, in them, you stay comfortable and true to yourself.



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