Throwing light on John Cena’s shocking nude show at Oscars 2024 to a cool fitness plan

John Cena’s shocking nude show at Oscars 2024

With many unforgettable and unexpected moments, like John Cena’s shocking nude show ,this year’s Oscars was something.
Ryan Gosling gave a hilariously cool performance on I’m Just Ken, Emma Stone grabbed the Best Actress award for Poor Things beating Lily Gladstone, a tough contender, Da’Vine Joy Randolph gave a heartwarming speech after accepting the award for the Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Holdovers, and Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling engaged in a playful yet pointed exchange over Barbenheimer.
The highlight of all? It has to be John Cena’s almost-naked look on stage! He was one of the award presenters.
When the host Jimmy Kimmel was talking about an incident that took place at the 46th Academy Awards in 1974 when a naked man ran across the stage, he asked the audience if they could imagine such a scene, and it was then when the popular professional wrestler and actor popped up his head and said ‘he had changed his mind and wouldn’t do the streaker bit anymore’.
After Kimmel shamed him into doing it anyway, Cena, with no clothes on, walked across the stage to the microphone, with only a large envelope covering his assets. He was there to present the award for Best Costume Design which went to Holly Waddington.
When your eyes fall on those big biceps, muscular abs, and large thighs, you want to be like him, look like him. But have you ever wondered, ‘’How does he manage to look that way?’’? If you are nodding your head right now, read on to find out!

The workout plan of  John Cena

The hulk-like physique of the 16-time World Wrestling Champion can never be overlooked. So? What is the secret?
Well, challenging training sessions that he goes under 5 days a week is that secret. Did you know that the 114kg WWE wrestler used to weigh just 54kg back in high school? Thanks to a strong work ethic and an intense passion for bodybuilding, Cena has created an impressive physique. The workout routine of the big, burly man is hypertrophic and voluminous. You might have seen him in the gym in men’s fitness tights, workout t-shirts, and active shorts, doing some serious weight training. A renowned fitness clothing manufacturer brings such a collection that helps enhance the performance of gym-goers by offering the ultimate support. The wholesale fitness apparel provided by such a supplier is crafted out of supreme fabrics and is available in eye-catching shades, prints, styles, and designs.
John Cena has moved further into the power-lifting arena in recent years, sharing several videos showcasing his mind-boggling strength. There was footage of the man that emerged in the year 2017, where he was seen deadlifting 295kgs, benching 210kgs, and squatting 277kgs.
Oh no, don’t be surprised. With his training routine being made up of some compound exercises with some isolation exercises to concentrate on the muscles of the body that need that extra work, all combined with Cena’s dedication, it’s nothing impossible for the wrestler-cum-actor.
Remember, the workouts of the man aren’t for the faint-hearted for sure!
1.On Monday, he focuses on Calves and legs
2.On Tuesday, he works on the chest
3.On Wednesday, he does the arms
4.On Thursday, he concentrates on the shoulders
5.And, on Friday, he works on the back

Exercises that Cena does each day are:

Hack squats
Leg extension
Seated calf raises
Standing single-leg curls
Standing calf raises
Bench press
Machine flies
Incline machine press
Cable flies
For biceps:
Standing cable curls
Preacher curls
Standing barbell curls
Seated dumbbell curls
For triceps:
Tricep dip
Overhead skull crushers
Single-arm cable pushdowns
Rope press downs
Seated barbell tricep extension
Lying tricep extension
Standing Barbell press
Dumbbell lateral raise
Seated overhead press
Machine side lateral raises
Rear delt cable flies
Seated military press
Machine overhead press
High pulls
Barbell rows
Lat pull-downs
High rows
Arm dumbbell rows

His diet routine

The 46-year-old follows a dedicated diet routine which is described as ‘’heavy on protein, light on flavor’’ by a famous men’s magazine. The diet comes to an estimated total of 3600 calories, consisting of 65 grams of fat, 290 grams of protein, and 450 grams of carbs. It helps to replenish his body after rigorous exercise sessions. The diet plan of the man offers all the regular dietary needs of veggies, fruits, clean meats, grains, cereals, and supplements.

Here is what his ‘seven-meal-a-day diet’ looks like:

1: Sauteed veggies, Swiss cheese, bacon, 4 scrambled eggs or 2 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, 100gm oatmeal with apple sauce and raisins
2: 2 cups of water and 2 scoops of whey protein or a protein bar comprising 200-250gm calories
3: Salad or veggies, 100gm of brown rice, 2 chicken breasts
4: Tuna, whole wheat pita bread
5: 2 cups of water and 2 scoops of whey protein or a protein bar comprising 200-250gm calories
6: Chicken or fish, veggies or salad, brown rice or pasta
7: Protein shake, low-fat cottage cheese

Cena’s 8 gym rules

If you want to be like him, other than the above-mentioned things, you need to remember these 8 rules that as per Cena, every gym freak must abide by:
1.Cena says the only good use of the Smith machine is as a coat rack. It doesn’t help but hampers your gym performance. So, it’s better to stay away from it.
2.The man doesn’t listen to any music as he works out. So, if you happen to be a follower, you can also make ‘’no music’’ your fitness Don’t.
3.You can develop a program to build up your hamstrings if you are a hamstring-deficient.
4.Never try to avoid squats. Just embrace them.
5.As you get older, you can give yourself more recovery time.
6.Don’t be afraid to try new exercises. You might not be able to do a few at first but don’t give up.
7.Set attainable, realistic goals and just dive right into your workout routine.
8.Take time to put things back in their place once you are done.
So, now that you have gone through the blog, you know what to do if you want to achieve a body like the famed personality! All the best!