How To Shop for Legitimate Branded Workout Apparel

The internet is a goldmine for counterfeiters. They can build a professional website, steal a few pictures from the internet, take your money, and disappear before you even had the time to figure out what happened. This is why you can’t trust a website at face value and have to do a little bit of digging before you find a good one. Counterfeiting also happens offline, and there are red flags that will allow you to see if an offline seller can be trusted. Here’s how to shop for legitimate branded workout apparel.

Buy From Companies with a Conscience

A seller that is also working as a charity or gives their proceedings to one is much less likely to get entangled in a counterfeit apparel scandal. Retailers like Locker Room Direct, for instance, give 100% of their profit to their charity, Uncommon Sports Group. You can also be almost certain that everything you get from a supplier like this will legit. It would also be wise to look up whichever charity backs them or they donate to and see if they align with your values.

Look at the Prices

One of the easiest ways to spot a counterfeit seller is to check if their offers are too good to be true. Look at their prices and compare them with sites you know are legitimate. We also suggest that you check sites like eBay for the same product and check what top sellers are selling the same items for. This will give you an idea of what’s realistic.

If you’re dealing with an offline retailer, you should also try negotiating with them. If they’re ready and willing to drop the price significantly without too much work on your end, it’s another clear sign that they may be selling fakes.

Look at Payment Options

One of the things you should do when buying from an online retailer is checking which payment options they offer. If they offer PayPal and they’re verified, this is usually a good sign. Even if you get something that’s counterfeit, you’ll be able to file a dispute with PayPal right away. You’ll also be happy to hear that PayPal is one of the few companies that put clients over companies, and if you have a legitimate case, expect to get retribution pretty quickly.

Look at How Long the Shop Was Established

Do not expect to get authentic apparel from someone peddling jerseys on the side of the road or your local flea market. Shops usually have to be authorized to sell this type of merchandise, so buy from someone with a professional storefront.

Also, check how long they’ve been at the same location and operating under the same name. There is little chance that a store could survive for long selling counterfeits, so if they’ve been there for a while and have a good reputation, chances are they’re the real deal.

As you can see, finding authentic workout clothing doesn’t have to be difficult after all. Take the time to research anyone you are thinking of buying from and be wary of strange and unrealistic offers.



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