Fitness Wear Trends That Will Win Hearts This Fall 2024

As you might know already, trends in the fitness industry keep on changing. While cotton micro-shorts with elastic waistbands and slept-in band tees were once popular, their place is now taken by stylish yet practical sports bras, figure-hugging tank tops, and yoga pants. These days, exercising isn’t about getting a great body anymore in any sort of mediocre clothes, it’s an event to get dressed up, and the fitness apparel is such that can be worn outside the gym as well.
With fitness wear evolving, are you all set to know which trends will be a huge hit this fall 2023? Have a look.

Fitness pants

There will always be a place for conventional leggings but loose fitness pants are being reimagined to take the wearer from the gym to the streets. For this, the designers of the noted manufacturers are working hard and using regular fit, comfortable materials, and smart designs as the three main pillars. When it comes to the fit, the aim is to achieve a place where the piece feels neither too tight nor too loose, letting the user move around freely. For the fabric, opacity, softness, and the perfect stretch are what is concentrated on, and when it’s about attention to detail, style, texture, zippers, and waistband are what will be seen in the items.

Fitness dresses

Over the past few years, a lot of women have been found to be getting engaged in court sports such as tennis, and in such a situation, the demand for something new and more comfortable has skyrocketed. Though the skorts and mini skirts are seeing a resurgence, an overlap of these conventional pieces is expected this fall. Fitness dresses will soon be a part of the game. And, when getting one, you need to check whether it will fit you seamlessly and has built-in bras in it or not.

Retro designs coming soon!

The designers are drawing inspiration from a few eras and chances are, you will be witnessing a lot of earth tones and clean cuts (think 90s). The 70s retro fashion can also influence the fitness wear category which you will be able to see in fitness dresses, polo shirts, and tennis skirts. But, the game-changer is going to be the flare bottoms.

Make way for the unitards

Since last year, Balletcore has been trending on and off. However, this year, they will be back in full force with unitards leading the way during fall. Though they are mostly used while dancing, they are pretty versatile and can support many athletes indulged in other forms of exercising. What more? The sleek one-piece is also a great piece for base layering.