Dakota Johnson’s Perfect Body: All The Secrets Unveiled

While the 2023 Sundance festival was truly a star-studded affair with some famed personalities attending the 11-day celebration, one celebrity who caught the attention the most with her beautiful, flawless figure, and wisecrack was actress Dakota Johnson.

The FiftyShades sizzler presented director Luca Guadagnino with the internationalicon award and commenced the 2023 fun festival, all the while appearing gorgeous in her stunningoutfit. Have you noticed as well? Are you thinking ‘’how the actress appears so fit and sexy every time?’’

Well, the credit goes to her fitness regime and her complete dedication to remaining fit.

The popular American model and actress works hard for a chiseled and toned body. A fitness freak, often sported in hoodies, matching sports bras,and workout leggings sets, she follows a mixed workout routine that comprises weightlifting, calisthenics, yoga, and cardio.The actress went to great lengths to get the perfect body for ‘’Miss Steele’s’’ role in the steamy hot film trilogy.

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A Sneak Peek Into Johnson’s Weekly Workout Routine

If you want to look as hot as her, then all you have to do is follow these 5 tips taken from the actress’s daily fit life:

  • On Monday and Friday, Dakota goes for a 25-minute workout, performing around 9 exercises on these 2 days, whichcomprise triceps extension, lying leg, wall flatteners, reverse fly, walking plank, side plank, lateral raises, etc. You can start by trying out a few of these, after consulting with your gym trainer.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, the actress performs yoga for a healthy mind along with a healthy body. While almost the entire world does it, if you are someone who hasn’t started yet, then let the lovely actress inspire you.
  • The sultry diva does 4 different exercises everyWednesday. These are usually mountain climbers, pull-ins, pushups, and planks. Again, try out a few of these. A tip here would be to start with the easier ones (if you are a beginner).
  • It’s a cardio day on Saturday for the glamorous actress. Her cardio routine is mixed up with workouts such as stair master, rower bike, high incline walk, etc.
  • Sunday is an off for the sexy siren.

Some additional fitness tips from Dakota Johnson for all her followers

1. To keep your body light and achieve better sleep, take dinner in small portions.
2. Avoid fried, greasy food and stick to simple meals.
3. Consider supplements to keep yourself healthy.

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