Athleisure Trend for 2024: What You Need to Know?

Stylish clothing that feels comfortable and has a luxurious appeal is what athleisure wear is all about. It is the art of combining aesthetic elements of leisurewear into the athletic wear range. The athleisure trend is much in vogue in the recent fashion industry and why not? The activewear space has never flourished like this before as more people explore this segment.

The athleisure trend shot into the limelight during the lockdown phase where work environments changed and there was a call for rising wellness. With the host of business meetings being conducted sitting in front of a notebook within the four confines of a room- leggings, sweatpants and loungewear became professional wardrobe staples. The not-so-visible us in front of the laptop could easily switch to loungewear choosing comfort bottoms.

However, we cannot solely associate athleisure trend with the pandemic. It was very much a part a part of 90’s where fashion, culture, music created a harmonious symmetry and be it white sneakers, hoodies, oversized tees, slouchy pants to baseball caps- all got the cool tag. It was just that the coinage of the word ‘’athleisure’’ did not happen at that time. This generation is keener on putting in their money for buying clothes that will be multifunctional and help them cruise through different seasons.

One of the Key Elements of Athleisure Wear: Sustainable Fabric

Yoga pants, sports bras, comfy tank tops, leggings, and athletic jackets, all come under athleisure wear that one can wear during their workout and also wear them to other occasions. Athleisure effortlessly integrates the worlds of activewear and everyday attire, enabling individuals to move from fitness regimes to professional settings and cater to overall well-being. Thus, sustainable clothing becomes an integral part of athleisure.

Nowadays athleisure wear mainly uses fabric such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. These sustainable fabrics do not contain any form of synthetic pesticides and therefore offer convenience and durability. These clothing pieces can also be made of innovative fabrics such as ocean plastic. These clothing pieces generally have moisture-wicking materials, so there’s no discomfort from sweat or itchiness and attributed to convenience.

By choosing athleisure wear made of sustainable material a lot of plastic waste can be reduced which adds to the environmental awareness as well. In 2024 athleisure will add to the sustainable quotient and become a major part of the circular fashion economy. Brands that are implementing the sustainability factor are gaining more traction gradually.

Athleisure Looks for Spring/Summer 2024

Athleisure Looks for Spring/Summer 2024:

For the 2024 summer, you would want clothing choices that balance style and comfort. Be it a casual and comfortable dress in the workplace or social gatherings or tracks to run the track here are the trends to look out for this spring/summer:

Athleisure Dresses: Stretchy fabrics are the best for dresses and intricacies like the racerback dress or the sweatshirt-inspired silhouettes, mesh detailing will be the showstoppers. With the right accessory, these dresses can be a great summer pick.

Pastel-shaded body suit: In 2024, body suits will offer a perfect culmination of style and comfort. With the freedom of movement in a chic pastel-colored bodysuit, you can strike the perfect balance between function and fashion when the sun is at full glare.

Light-colored rompers or jumpsuits: With a playful vibe and the elegance of light spring aura, these jumpsuits or rompers can be your summer saviors. Taking away the ‘what to wear’ worries these can make you feel light and look stylish.

Colors and prints to choose from in 2024 for your athleisure wear

Colors and prints to choose from in 2024 for your athleisure wear:

2024 with its trend has brought in a wide range of colors and quirky prints so gone are the days of boring athleisure wear. It’s time to welcome new prints and bold colors that make this attire look like a style statement. From the trending neon to the abstracts, the choice for athleisure outfits can give you a real spin on choice.

Animal prints: These prints are very trendy and continue with their allure and make a space as a wardrobe staple. From the tiger prints, flamingos, and leopards to the quirky snake prints the animal prints always render a stylish edge to your look.

Abstract designs: These asymmetric patterns are making athleisure wear even more interesting. From blurred brushstroke patterns to geometric graphics the prints are a definite eye-catcher.

Neon shades: Dominating the athleisure fashion, neon is making a huge impact in 2024. Going bold with fluorescent yellows, shocking blues, and bright pinks can be real game changers. Neon can be incorporated into your athleisure wardrobe via colorful and printed sports bras, leggings, or maybe oversized hoodies.

Minimalistic solids: If you are seeking a clean timeless style, understated solid colors such as grey, navy, brown and the ever-so-classic black are solid bets. The best part is each of these colors can be mixed and matched with another. For instance, a navy lower will pair wonderfully well with a light grey upper. For the Friday look, you can slay by going all black.

Occasions To Flaunt Your Athleisure

Are you thinking that athleisure is only for your workout? Well, the bubble is about to burst. 2024, is witnessing a change, and athleisure for all occasions is the new fashion and fitness mantra.

Casual hangouts: A comfortable and trendy ensemble can immediately come into play when a tank top, hoodie, and leggings are paired. You are all set to run errands, take a walk, or go for a casual hangout. Your athleisure set is all, ready and supports you to flaunt your cool.

Be work-ready: Did you know athleisure wear incorporates itself so well in any kind of office setting? Keeping you comfortable all day long, the blazers or joggers that are made from stretchable fabrics are a great pick.

Fitness fiesta: The comfortable nature of the athleisure range makes them gym friendly as well. With the moisture wicking properties, you can jolly well slide into your workout routine and never have to worry about not quite looking the part.

So what’s the wait all about? This 2024 deck up your wardrobe with the trendiest athleisure wear and be on top of the style game.

Hailey Bieber & Kendall Jenner Athleisure Looks

Below mentioned are ways through which you can uplift your athleisure looks:

With smart styling choices ramping up an otherwise grave athleisure look can be a real fun activity. The tinsel town has also played its part in making this apparel range a popular choice. From Hailey Bieber to Kendall Jenner majority Hollywood celebrities are seen flaunting their athleisure look keeping up with the trend. Here’s a sneak peek into the treasure trove of styling:

With sweatpants and blazers are a great way to revamp your athleisure wardrobe. Converting your relaxing sweatpants into a costume fit for any event is a breeze when paired with a blazer. Go for dapper track bottoms that are sleek or may have that retro style and pair with oversized hoodies or jackets, like the ‘Gelso’ version of the Frankie Shop. Complete the look with white sneakers and a shoulder bag to look chic perfect for those meetings or coffee dates.

With heels and skirts, you can work wonders. Offer your functional parka a contemporary twist by switching the sneakers for high-heeled boots. The croc-effect boots go well with this kind of attire. The NYC black parka makes a glamorous getup when paired with leggings. Finish the look with large sunglasses and dainty gold jewelry to look different. Skirts can look great with your tank tops as well so pair your uppers with flared or pleated skirts to create a feminine aura that exudes charm.

Want to create an off-duty chic look? Well, pair up a retro track jacket with wide-leg trousers. Add chunky jewelry and the quintessential cool glasses to ramp up your look instantly. You could also upgrade your leggings by pairing them with an elegant leather jacket and refined white sneakers. Complete the look with a luxury leather shoulder bag that makes you ready for any occasion.

Well, this one is a bit different and can call for some calibration but a hoodie with a skirt is a look that is smart, refreshing, and fashionable. A black midi skirt with a colorful hoodie has a playful mix. You can complete your look with dainty jewelry to add the bling factor to your look.

A bonus cool look? You can try is throwing on oversized showy sneakers with some neutral athleisure dress or jackets. Think of a midnight blue athleisure dress with an embellished white sneaker – just the flashbulb kind of look that 2024 ordered!

In this new era, athleisure spells versatility and can be blended into any setting from home to office to work out to even parties and this has made it so popular as a trend in 2024. So now that you know how to style your activewear and be a part of the athleisure trend, hop on and explore the styles. Look your best and enjoy a happy and active lifestyle. Blend fashion and well-being to create your new style avatar today!