5 innovative ways to rock the sporty spice trend in 2024

If you have been scrolling the news feed of social networking sites, you know athleisure isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s very much ‘in’ this year. Recently termed the sporty spice trend by many, it’s all about athletic fashion. Remember those classic 90s looks that Mel C of the Spice Girls used to rock? They were so hip and happening. When Mel C displayed a tracksuit coupled with athletic shoes, giving off a tough girl attitude by wearing her long dark hair in a high ponytail and showcasing tattoos on both her arms, it was labeled super cool by many.

But have you wondered why everyone is making a switch to sporty wear these days? Well, there can be a few crucial reasons behind this.

First, many people have been preferring more casual clothes ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. Did you notice how most sported the comfy sweatpants over jeans?

Second, life is getting busier with loads of professional and personal commitments each day. So, in such a situation, people find it easier to get in and out of the gym in the same apparel rather than spending time deciding what to wear next.

Third, with different iterations of the 1990s style and throwback Y2K fashion making solid comebacks, it’s safe to state that a lot of the athletic trend was seen around that time.

Finally, did you see how the singing sensation Taylor Swift rocked the sporty style at Travis Kelce’s games? Not just the Swifties but there was probably no one who didn’t fall for the cool looks.

The best part is that there are ample ways to showcase this piping-hot trend. Oh yes, with countless sports out there, there are countless ways how you can rock your sporty spice-ish ensembles.

Here is the list that you need to check out:

The crop-top style in a matching set

Close your eyes and say what is the first clothing item that comes to your mind when you think sporty spice? If you screamed crops tops, you are there! To give off 90s cool girl Mel C vibes with a modern twist, reach out for a cropped sports bra top and leggings in a matching set. If you want to make a statement, opt for a bold hue such as electric blue, or let a simple block color keep your appearance on the minimalist side. To make the ensemble more streetwear-appropriate, top it off with an oversized, open plaid shirt or a leather jacket.

Hello, the super cool girl!

If you don’t want to look like you came straight from the gym, going for patterns such as checkerboard and materials like leather is a great way to try out the sporty spice trend. In 2023, almost everyone saw the Formula 1-inspired street style everywhere, and with that, you can say that the sporty spice trend is here to stay. Mind-blowing leather-centric looks popped up on the biggest runways in January this year. Though there are numerous interpretations of this trend displaying jumpsuits, the clothing item of ultimate convenience, if you wish you can also go for a simple skirt and top combination. Throw on an oversized leather jacket and knee-high white leather boots.

Shout out to your favorite team!

When you want to show your love and support for your favorite team in a fashion-forward way, you need to take the help of a sports jersey and a pair of trendy jeans. Of course, denim shorts or skirts are also an awesome option. There are so many in-vogue denim variations for this year. To get a relaxed, breezy look, opt for a jersey that is a size larger.

Okay, it’s time to prep it up

The golfcore fashion has been something for the past few years. And, the nicest thing about this interesting take on sportswear is, it uses clothing items that are commonly found in regular fashion, making it functional and smoother to fit into everyday life. Bonus? The pieces aren’t as tight-fitting as it’s usually with sportswear, which makes them even more suitable for those who want something comfortable. To get the preppy vibe, pick a polo shirt and a skirt that hits just above the knee. While for spring, pastel shades like soft yellows and light pinks will be perfect, consider selecting bold red or turquoise for summer.

A tennis sporty look that helps you rock on and off the court

In 2023, tenniscore summer was all over TikTok, and in spring 2024, it’s hotter than ever. Right from your hat to your skorts to your shoes, think of all shades of white to rock this aesthetic. A basic crop top, a pretty short A-line skort, and sneakers can take you from court to dinner. Want to go dressier? Replace the sneakers with block heels and throw on a cool bomber jacket.

Try the above-mentioned ways given in this blog for sure if you want to grab eyeballs joining this amazing athletic fashion trend!

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