5 Creative Designs You Can Implement In Your Private Label Bulk Orders!

When it comes to retailer creativity and using your own ideas on your clothing designs, private label is the only answer that people have. However, if you are not that great with it or looking for some sort of inspiration from where you want to drive your design, then keep reading this blog.

Here we are going to discuss 5 creative designs that you can pitch to your private label fitness apparel manufacturers and get bulk orders that are going to completely entice your customers and get you the best sales –

1. The mesh patterns are the shizz right now

Anything with a netted mesh pattern, from athletic tops to leggings is making quite the rounds, and even getting a lot of attention from the more famous brands. Adding mesh patterns into your bulk orders adds a number of benefits to your product, making it more sellable. For starters, it becomes more light weight, because that is what netted mesh are, and it also makes it well ventilated and more comfortable to wear at workouts.

2. Capri joggers with patterns

Capri jogger pants are getting all the limelight and some of the patterns have also started emerging. There is the sublimation prints in question and also stripes and color patterns – all of which not only make a great pair of workout bottoms but give enough flexibility to wear outside as well.
Capri joggers can be printed with anything you desire, but you could stick to some neutral color patterns – and they are pretty flexible when it comes to pairing it with top wear as well. It is very receptive towards vests, shirts, and even t shirts – so that is always an incentive for the customers!

3. Faux leather patches add a bad ass dynamic

If one were to perfectly combine avant-garde with athleisure, then faux leather patches would make itself to the top of that list. Far more eco and animal friendly from real leather, this material gives a Rockstar vibe to athleisure clothing, be it in your full sleeve tops or athleisure joggers and trousers.

Also, these patches make it very friendly with bikes and leather-wear, which is definitely working into a niche and attracting a specific set of clients. You can get them in contrasting colors or similar ones, where they just add a bit of shine to your pants and make it look like you are just out of a rock party!

4. Single Word quotes on tees

This is another one of those things that is making the right kind of hoots in the fashion industry. Single word quotes are fun because of their flexibility in interpretation and that makes them one of the most rad things among private label manufacturers and retailers right now. It is definitely one of the things that one should have in their catalog and you could get really creative with the design – from customizing the font to adding some graphics to make the feeling more pronounced.

5. Block Colors are in style now

Block colors are now the biggest trend in athletic wear and is taking over everything from tracksuits to leggings and more – and that is what you should add to your bulk collections as well. These will not only add some variety, but also give something new for your clients to wonder about.

Also, don’t forget to make them pop out and contrast, all at the same time, because that is how the trend rolls.

These are the 5 designs that you can really get creative with when you order your private label athletic clothing from a top fitness clothing manufacturer. So, what are you still waiting for? Get set now, make some designs and then just let it loose!