3 ways to Wear Yoga Pants without Looking Lazy

It was not long before yoga pants got their status elevated. They were quickly recognized as the most divine piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. Yes, they became an essential part of the yoga regime, helping you to perfect your posture and be immensely comfortable. But when it comes to wearing yoga pants outside the sessions, a lot of people will tag you for being lazy (see you were so lazy that you did not even get time to put on a proper pant!). But yoga pants are the best pants available in the market right at this moment. It is their homogeneous nature, their versatile appeal and a comfortable mite that makes them this popular. Now the question is how to wear them without looking like a last hag? To help you with that, here are given three ways you can do so.

The First Way… requires you pick the cosiest flannel shirt you have in your wardrobe and team it with the pair of yoga pants. Go for a light colour so as to make a more enduring effect. White can be a great choice of shade. Team it with a pair of a black ballerina and skip o the accessories to look fresh and charming.

According to the Second Way you need to team your pants, a printed variation this time, with a sports bra and throw over an oversized cardigan for that less is more impact. A pair of trainers in white will bring balance to the look and keep the prints grounded. For this particular look, skip the accessories as well,

The Third Look is a perfect representation of style and comfort. Pick your plain dark coloured pair of yoga pants and team it with a hoodie in a conventional shade of grey. A pair of trainers or ballerinas depends on the place of your attendance. Want to go to the gym? Perfect. Have to run the errands? Perfect. Going out for a cup of coffee with friends? Perfect. And beating the summer heat? It aces that category.

Some Dos and Don’ts when wearing Yoga Pants 

►DO pick a pair that is opaque. Too much skin show, well keep it for the beach and pool parties.

►DO invest in the correct size as you can get it from the best yoga apparel manufacturer. Too tight will sting in all the wrong places and too loose will just slip away. Fit matters!

►DO use accessories but keep to the minimal. Handbags and shades are perfect. Nothing more, nothing less.

►DONT wear them to work unless it is Friday and nobody cares about your attire.

►DON’T forget to use layers. If you are skipping on that then use oversized clothes on top. You don’t need to look like a dried

►DON’T go for the raunchiest pair available, it helps nobody. Go for neutral colours like navy, black, white, grey. If you are a more experimental type, then you can opt for vibrant shades like red, pink and purple.

Thus, yoga pants are the way of life for many. It is everything that you can ask for. And with top yoga and gym clothes wholesale manufacturers providing the best pairs, it is difficult to ignore their numerous advantages. These clothes can be purchased in bulk by retailers at discounted prices.