Easy Steps To Start a Private Label Clothing Line

By Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

in Just 50 Days


Here are 12 definite and insanely easy steps to introduce (and scale) your own awesome clothing line business into the market -


Step - 1

Find Your Niche Market

Don’t plan to be ‘everything for everyone’, but find out the type of wears you want to have under your label and the consumer group your want to target.

Step - 2

Do A Research On Your Target Audience

Now you know the consumer group you will be targeting; could be anyone- women, men, kids, elders, 20s and more. Do a thorough research on this target audience and know more about them.

Step - 3

Read Your Competitors’ Strategy

Although overlooked, doing a competitive analysis is one of the most important parts for any business—more so in the clothing scene where competition is higher than ever. So identify your “successful” competitors and learn more about them.

Step - 4

Map A Business Plan

Now you have a basic (or detailed) understanding about your market, time to take a pen and paper and map a winning business plan. It doesn’t really have to be 100 pages long but try to be as definite as possible.


Step - 5

Arrange for the Required Capital

Admittedly, launching your own private label clothing line has become relatively – and very – cheaper today. But you’re still going to need a decent amount of capital to not only start your business but also to scale and sustain it.

Step - 6

This one is possibly the most important part of this whole process—finding a good and reliable private label clothing manufacturer. The market is crowded with these manufacturers, all claiming to be the best.

Step - 7

Design Your Apparels

Time now to design your private label apparel line and add to it a personalized flavor! Since you know who exactly you’re going to target and know about their definite needs and preferences, this step won’t really be that hard; easier, in fact, with a good manufacturer by your side.

Step - 8

Fulfill The Other Technical Ends

There’s a host of other technical ends that needs your attention. If you’re launching your business on a large-scale, there are few legal requirements that you would need to fill; hire a lawyer for that.


Step - 9

Implement Your PR Strategy

To make an impactful entry in the market, you need to have just as amazing PR strategy; to capture the audiences’ attention, to inform everyone about your brand and products in interesting ways, to tell stories to people so that they connect with your brand.

Step - 10

Leverage on Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is essential today. And with the kind of targeting features that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offers today, converting is quite easier—that, provided, the campaigns are interesting and worth-noting.

Step - 11

Invest In Paid promotions

Given the high competition in the market, depending solely on organic result is a not a good idea. So spend on advertisements on social media platforms, Google, contact cards, banners and more. Be careful not to spend too much without seeing any evident return though.

Step - 12

Aim to engage them and offer a pleasant experience, at the same time pushing for additional and complementing products. Customer retention has higher and long-term return than what you get from acquiring new customers.

Offer Customers Personalized Post-Sale Service

These are 12 insanely easy steps – divided into 3 phases – to start your own private label clothing line.